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I got back from Colorado on Monday and although I'm happy to be home, I do miss my dear friend, Sam. You see, Sam and I met through Tumblr a few years back, talked, eventually exchanged numbers, had multiple Skype dates that lasted hours, and we finally met when she came to Arizona last year. It's strange how someone I met over the internet and rarely see can know so much about me and can so easily become one of my closest friends. We just get each other and I love it. Internet friendships can be strange but I have also met some incredible people through it that have changed my life. 
Have you ever met any blogger friends in person? 


  1. thats so awesome.
    ive definitely met bloggers, but all more local people.
    i hope that next time i come to az you will be there and we can meet up!


  2. i like blog friends over real friends any day ;) i've met a couple bloggers and it's seriously so fun and i feel like i know them better than people i've known forever.

  3. I've never met my blogger friends in person, but definitely hope to at one point. Fingers crossed we can meet each other !!! :) I can't get over how long your hair is getting!!!

  4. i've met some, but literally i am always so scared they are grown men looking to creep.
    one time my internet friend who i am pretty sure is a real person because i am friend with her on Facebook and instagram, asked me for my address to send me photo prints.
    i still haven't gotten them and so now my paranoid personality is convincing me that it is either a russian mob needing new slaves or a lonely middle aged man looking to rape.

    probs. am i right?



    1. Hahahaha! That is too dang funny/way creepy!

  5. The only two bloggers I've met thru blogger is my bestest friend Hans and her older sister Allison! We realized we went to the same church and have been friends for like a year! :) So yups.


  6. I've still yet to meet any bloggers in real life. I always say that if I had the opportunity to I would, but at the same time, I feel like I would be all sorts of awkward in real life, Haha! :)
    Just found your cute little blog!
    xo Heather


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