13 before 19?

dress: Gap, sweater: Forever 21, watch: Fossil, Shoes: Old Navy

Some of you may remember that last year after my birthday, I made a "19 before 20" list of 19 things I wanted to accomplish before I turned 20. 
Seeing as I just turned 20, I thought I'd update you on how I did with my list! 

1) Grow out my bangs for the first time in 3+ years. They're still not fully grown but I haven't cut them in 5 or so months!....But, I'm thinking I'm going to cut them now...

2) Volunteer somewhere. 

3) Save a good amount of money. Oops....

4) Try at least 10 new cafes.

5) Go swimming in the middle of the night. 

6) Watch a sunrise. Our flight into Puerto Rico last summer took us right over a beautiful sunset

7) Get a nannying job once I'm living in Phoenix. Let's not talk about that experience... 

8) Make another wedding cake. I made two actually! Here and here.

9) Make crepes! 

10) Meet another fellow blogger in person.  I just realized I never blogged about it but I met Bri and Mandi while in Colorado! Here's the picture:

11) Make a skirt on my own.

12) Feel comfortable in my own skin. Forever working on this one so half a slash through it.

13) Grow in my relationship with God. This is also one of those that I'm always working on.

14) Visit somewhere I've never been. Colorado!

15) Take a workout class. 

16) Buy and decorate my own Christmas tree. I didn't buy it but we did have a pretty tree at our apartment!

17) Go rock climbing.

18) Ride at least five miles on my bike.

19) Try a food I've never tried before.  I tried frog legs on the cruise and they taste... just like chicken.

13/19 completed
Not too bad at all! I'll show you all my new list in my next post (once I figure the last couple out).
Hope you all are having a fantastic week!


  1. i think 13/19 is great!
    i think i need to start a list before i get too old and the list becomes too long haha.


  2. Ouuu wow, well done! 13/19 is awesome haha, Isn't meeting bloggers in person such a weird but awesome experience?!


  3. I had frog legs once and I thought the same thing! I may have to start my own list...though mine is almost a decade longer young lady! ;)


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