20 before 21

dress: Forever 21, vest: thrifted Gap, flats: Forever 21

Does anyone else get birthday hangovers? Not the actually alcohol induced kind but just the blah feeling that comes with knowing your birthday celebrating is over until next year. Maybe it's just because I'm such a fan of birthdays but this happens to me every year. To combat this, let's talk about all the awesome things I want to accomplish in this year of my life!

20 before 21
  1. Volunteer on a consistent basis
  2. Graduate with a bachelors degree
  3. Kick some GRE butt!
  4. Go rock climbing (carrying this one on from the last list)
  5. Find a church community to be a part of again
  6. Lose some inches (I'm not really looking to lose very much weight but just get to where I feel most comfortable and toned)
  7. Learn to properly make/edit a video
  8. Throw a dinner party in my new apartment
  9. Spend less money on coffee
  10. Take Christmas pictures with Jacob
  11. Go ice skating
  12. Find a job I love to do until I start graduate school (hopefully 2015)
  13. Get into a graduate program
  14. Do a 2-3 day cleanse
  15. Get a kitten
  16. Buy my first piece of furniture on my own
  17. Buy myself one really nice, quality piece of clothing I would normally not purchase due to the price
  18. Complete the 100 pushup challenge
  19. Make a dish I've never made before
  20. Reconnect with someone I've lost touch with
Let's do this, 20!


  1. Yes yes yes. I get birthday hangovers (not from alcohol) hardcore, and not just from my own birthday. Hahaha. xoxo


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