And then, I turned 20.

My birthday weekend started off on Wednesday with getting a light ombre!

On Thursday, Jacob took me to Bearizona.

We had a good time being silly.

On Saturday my mom proved as always that she is the greatest and fostered my love for watches even more.

Jake's sister/one of my best friends/future roommate stopped by while my mom and I shopped and we had huge chocolate covered strawberries for lunch.

I bought more pajamas and under garments than I did actual clothes but it's all good.

Yesterday on my actual birthday, I went to lunch with this cutie and her beautiful mama.

My brother sent me 17 texts.

I went to dinner with this guy, my mom, and one of my brothers. I've known this guy for 8 of my 20 years of life and dated him for 4 of those years. Mind=Blown.

He also got me this and a slow cooker because he's a good gift giver. Plus, things for our future (hopefully not too far off) home. 

My birthday was fantastic and was completed by facetiming with my family in Puerto Rico whom I haven't gotten to share a birthday with since I turned five. Every year as I turn a year older, I only become more grateful for my family and friends. 
20 is going to be such an exciting and life changing year for me but more on that later.
Oh, what a beautiful life. 


  1. Happy belated birthday! Looks like a great week of celebrating. :) Love the hair.

  2. A steamer! Yes! Until you and my bro live together, we get to use it! And, chocolate strawberries for lunch, story of our lives. Forever eating nutritious and filling meals.

  3. Ahhh looks like you had a great day/weekend/week! HAPPY belated birthday!


  4. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY AMANDA!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like your birthday was an awesome one, filled with great memories!!! I didn't realize you are only a year older than me. :)



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