Birthday Week: Get ready with me!

So, I've been a little bit obsessed with watching "Get ready with me!" videos on YouTube recently. This is strange because 1) I don't wear much makeup, 2) I had never before been the kind of person that watched any videos on YouTube. Anyway, I also loved Bekah's post about her daily make up routine (here) because I love getting tips from ladies who use mostly drugstore makeup and not a lot of it. So, for my series of fun posts for birthday week, I thought I'd share my daily make up routine! 

Clean, no makeup face and bun hair.

I usually use a plain moisturizer and a tiny bit of Bare Minerals foundation but I ran out so I have been using this tinted moisturizer. 

I have really dark circles under my eyes so this stuff works wonders.

Then use Warmth by Bare Minerals as my bronzer.

I got this Pink Lemonade color stick by Elf from Target. I use an angled brush to apply some to my cheeks for a light blush.

Completed face make up. Now onto the eyes!

Yes, this is all the eye makeup I use. I stopped using mascara several months ago because I just felt like it didn't make much of a difference and ultimately made my lashes more brittle. Anyway, I use this light pinky, shimmery white all over my lid, brow bone, and corner of my eye. Then I use Maybelline Define-A-Line in the darkest black to line my eye from about three quarters in all the way out. 

(I usually then add a bit of lip color but it depends on what I'm feeling that day)

Hope your week is going great!


  1. Beautiful! I appreciate a tutorial without super fancy expensive makeup and without a ton being caked on. You look so pretty and fresh!

  2. Love love LOVE this!!!! ps. Thanks for the shout out pretty lady :)

  3. erase paste literally saves my life every morning.

    happy birthday week! they are the best.


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