For your Monday.

Dear you,

I know sometimes life seems like too much. You feel like the walls are caving in on you and the light at the end of the tunnel seems to get dimmer and dimmer as you continue on. It gets better. I know they all say that but I've lived it. I've been at the lowest of my lows and felt like there was no way I would make it through so much. But I did. You must choose to never lose sight of that dim light at the end of the tunnel. I promise it's still there if you just look closely. And let me tell you, the view at the end is well worth it.

Dear you,

Your nose isn't too big. Your thighs aren't too bulky. Your torso isn't too short. Your boobs aren't too small. Your hair isn't too frizzy. Let's say they were? Well it doesn't make you any less beautiful. I know it's hard. Everyone tells you how you shouldn't look but mostly how you should look. And you don't feel like you fit in anywhere because your body is awkward and your legs are too short and your hair never falls quite right. Let me let you in on a little secret. It doesn't matter. Your appearance will never make you the person you want so badly to be. You're beautiful because no one else has that nose or those lips. You're beautiful because of the content of your character. Remember that.

Dear you,

You are beautiful. You are funny. You are strong, intelligent, loving, endearing. You are loved by so many. You posses more potential than you could ever imagine. Find out what makes you come alive and go do that. Forget all your fears. Take chances and see what happens. Tell people you love them. Compliment strangers on the street. Make yourself laugh and remember that the bad doesn't last long but neither does the good. So cherish every single moment because they will make you a better, stronger version of yourself.

A fellow human being


  1. This is so great and it really brought my mood up. I've had a horrible day with some clients at work and this really is just great. You are awesome Amanda!


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