Just put the dang shorts on.

shorts: Target, tank top: Forever 21, Blazer: Vera Wang Princess, flats: Mix No. 6

As you probably know, I have a love/hate relationship with these legs of mine. I love that they allow me to do 256 walking lunges in under 9 minutes. I don't like so much how bulky they are. But, someone recently helped me see the good over the bad and I decided to get these shorts when I was in Target the other day. After some more self convincing, I decided to just put these suckers on and let me tell you, I didn't totally hate it. I think the addition of one of my favorite pieces, blazers, helped. 
What's your one clothing item you usually avoid? 


  1. Awww you really look great!!! :) Adorable outfit. Ummm a clothing item I usually avoid are tight shirts, cuz I'm not as skinny as I wanna someday get, so right now, I love loose and flowing shirts. :)


  2. Girlllll.. Shorts are my worst enemy.
    If I find a pair I actually like (really rare), I have to buy them in lots of colors because I know it'll be awhile before I find another pair I would wear. I tried some on the other day at Target, and they were alright, but just kind of meh.. so I passed. These look fantastic on you though :D

    kristina in retroworter

    ps. I'm recording my video tonight! I've been moving the past two days, so I haven't had time to do much of anything!

  3. I love those shorts. I also have the same blazer.
    I would say shorts are my worst enemy. I can never find a pair I love.

  4. I was about to go all "your legs are fiiiiiine and fit and in shape and STRONG, therefore do not hate them because they are not even bulky!" on you,
    but then I realized that mine are very very similar and I have very very similar feelings about my legs. Especially when I am wearing shorts. So I guess I totally 100% feel ya, even though I have to even admit to myself that it shouldn't really matter and it's always worse to myself than it is to others!
    You look adorable here, just fyi ;)

  5. love this post! i'm glad you are accepting your legs, you have great ones girl! i'm actually the same about my own--they're super long and skinny and i feel like they look awkward in shorts. so i wear a lot of skirts or dresses in the summer and jeans the rest of the time. maybe i should stop avoiding my shorts too haha!


  6. I love this!
    i definitely have avoided shorts my whole life also.
    Thanks for the inspiration :)


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