On living.

dress: Kohls, vest: thrifted, tank top, sunglasses: Forever 21, necklace and watch: Fossil birthday gifts from mom, shoes: Mix No. 6

Sometimes I get caught up in just making it through the days that I forget to live. Being a student seems to do that to you. Add in that I have the type of personality where breaking routine gives me anxiety and next thing you know, you're just doing the same thing every week. 
I was talking to a friend earlier this week and he told me "you need to live a little." While a bit harsh, I couldn't agree more. I'm happy. But I've become so nested in this routine of exercise, coffee, homework, blogging routine that I've forgotten to just relax and truly live. 
So here's to letting go of routines a little bit and embracing spontaneity a little bit more.

A ship is safe in its harbor but that's not what ships are made for.


  1. i definitely understand what you mean.
    school does that to you.
    but definitely a good thing for everyone to embrace, living.


  2. love all the flowers and plants on the background! and you look super sweet in this denim vest and cute hair!
    would you like to follow each other?

  3. i'm with you girl. school kicks you in the butt and you forget to breath sometimes and just live.

  4. oh, also, i realllllly love this outfit. your hair looks fab!

    1. Thank you, lady! I've missed you these past few weeks on the blogging world! Hope your semester is winding down well!

  5. i LOVE my fossil watch! it is a classic!

  6. also, you look adorable! i love that outfit and your beautiful smile!


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