An update.

Well, it's no secret I've been a horrible blogger lately. I was on a roll with blogging and then next thing I knew, I got myself back into a big ol' blogging rut. 
A lot has happened in the past month or so that I have just failed to document properly so here's a little update on the exciting (ha!) life of Amanda.

I've started really working on challenging myself fitness wise and made some pretty good arm muscle progress.

Just the other day, I did 80 push-ups. Which is more regular push-ups than I've ever done in a single day, much less an hour and a half. I can also do a half a mile or 827 walking lunges now. Crazy stuff.

My future roommate and I found an apartment for the fall... and then it fell through. Luckily we picked a new one.

I finished yet another semester of college. And with a 4.0! Which now leaves me only 6 months until I receive my bachelor's degree.

I scored another cupcake order for 7 dozen of these babies.

I started shadowing my mom at work which I love for many reasons. One of which is the fact that I get an excuse to wear blazers in this Arizona heat. 

I made it through year one of mission "Longest Hair Yet"

And last but not least, we booked our usual summer trip to Puerto Rico. In which my dad spelled my name wrong and left the first half of my last name out...

Now that I think of it, I have been a lot more busy than I thought. 
What have you been up to this month?


  1. girl, look at dos muscles.
    and sounds like a good month.
    this month i have finished my blog design, done photo shoots, and avoided packing up our house by working as much as possible. haha.


  2. this month I have just been preparing myself for summer, training for our VBS, and waiting impatiently for school to get out! :)



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