A little best friend appreciation.

Recently, I've been even more grateful for my incredible friends so I thought I'd share some appreciation for those lovely ladies here today.

First, there's Laurel. Laurel is Jake's sister and my soon to be roommate. From the time we met, we just got along so well and next thing we knew, we were two peas in a pod. We're so different yet so alike. She is that friend who has seen me at my absolute lowest of lows (uncontrollable sobbing) and my highest of highs. And through it all, she has loved me just the same. She is such a thoughtful and considerate person and let me tell you, the guy that gets this gem will be one heck of a lucky guy.

Then there's Sam. Interestingly enough, Sam and I met through Tumblr. We quickly started texting, Skyping, and talking on the phone. Next thing I knew, she knew me better than a majority of my friends from "real life." Last year around this time, she came to visit (she lives in Colorado) and it was just as great as I imagined. Sam is such a sweet person and she is constantly reminding me what it is to be a great friend. I can't even imagine what I would do without her.

There's also Devyn who happens to be my current roommate and my brother's girlfriend. We've been friends for about seven years now but in the past few years, we've grown much closer. Devyn and I are basically friend soul mates. I'm constantly surprised by how alike we are. She is easily one of the most beautiful and intelligent ladies I know and I'm so blessed to have someone around so often that just "gets me." 

Last but certainly not least, there's Chelsea. For whatever reason, we hardly have any pictures together so here's one of her precious baby girl and her at the park on my birthday last year. Anyway, Chelsea and I have been best friends for 8 years now. Basically, she knows me inside and out. I know I can come to her with absolutely anything and she will not judge me in the slightest. She is such a strong and loving individual and I love that I have been around to see her grow into a really incredible mom. 

So those are the ladies that inspire me on the daily to be a better person and I cannot thank them enough for all the love and support they have given me throughout the years. 

Cheers to best friends.


  1. DID YOU GET ENGAGED?!??!?!?? IT looks like it from the first picture! :)


  2. Love this post!


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