Orange pants are the best pants.

shirt, earrings, & pants: Forever 21, blazer: Kohls

Remember me? The lady that posts outfit pictures on here once in a blue moon?
My life is so exciting right now, yet so busy and full of change. 
In a few days, I am off to Washington, DC to visit three graduate schools I plan on applying to. The real crazy part about this is that I decided to do this last week and within 30 minutes, I had spontaneously bought a plane ticket. Now, if you know me, you know that spontaneity is not AT ALL my strong suit. I am a planner to the extreme but something came into me and I decided that right now is the time in my life to travel and do things I've never done before.
I'm also moving into an apartment with one of my best friends mid next month in a different part of town and I am so excited. 
There's a lot of other changes going on in life and although I feel a little lost at times, I know it will all fall into place. Everything happens for a reason and I'm glad to have the opportunity for change.


  1. Love the outfit, and especially the pants!

  2. DC is a very cool city, you must be so excited!

  3. So great to see you smiling :) those pants are also absolutely adorable, with the little polkadots and all! Ah!


  4. Orange pants are DA BOMB. I recently acquired a pair of orange shorts....with seahorses on them...yeah I know... pretty epic.

  5. That peplum shirt is so beautiful!

  6. Very lovely ...I always love anything orange :) great outfit missy <3

  7. You are so freakin' cute! I'm your newest follower :)

    Lesley /

  8. Great post!!! Love your blog, happy that i found it!!!


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