8 happy little moments.

I think sometimes, we get caught up in the stresses of life and forget to focus on the little things. Lists help so here's mine. 
  1. Getting to your favorite coffee shop and seeing there is just one more of your favorite cookies left waiting just for you. 
  2. Picking out an outfit that looks and feels great on the first try.
  3. Having a mother-daughter talk that makes you feel like everything will be okay.
  4. Getting into the last spot in the one class you really needed for the semester.
  5. Finding the most perfect skirt at a thrift store and finding out it has the color tag that's on sale.
  6. Making someone laugh. Full on belly laughs.
  7. Making a new friend.
  8. Having a homemade meal at home after weeks of college student food.
What are some of your happy little moments this week?


  1. My chickens laid their first eggs yesterday, woohoo! :D

  2. these are great moments. seriously.
    i think my happy moment was:
    getting to see an old friend from college that just moved to our area, that means new friends! or something like that haha


  3. My biggest happy moment this week was for the first time ever, watching the TV show, "Once Upon a Time"!!!!!!!! Best.Show.in.the.History.of.TV.Shows. For reals.


  4. I agree with all of these happy moments, but #5 is definitely a favorite moment of mine! Choosing to be happy in times of stress is super important and counting the little moments always helps! :)


  5. Those sound great! It's all about the little things :) Lately I've had to focus on a lot of the little things, it's been a hard couple of weeks. Hope you are well!

    xo Becky

  6. I've been trying to be more optimistic too. I get let myself get annoyed easily by little things. For example, drivers who drive dumb and then I say mean things to them in my head. I've decided instead to think, hey we all do dumb things on accident sometimes. My little thing this week: we had a huge thunderstorm last night and I loved it! I also found some awesome chairs on the side of the road for free!

    1. I totally understand! I'm so guilty of the road rage thing!
      Those sound like awesome little things!


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