Sister sister.

So, it's been almost a month. And holy moly, it has been one heck of a crazy month. 
In the past month, I have moved 4 times, gone to Puerto Rico, had to say some difficult good byes, regained friends, gotten a kitten, had to give away said kitten (all the tears), started two new online classes, and had surgery. I'm telling you, July was kind of a big bully.
It's no longer July and I am determined to make August a beautiful one. With that, I'm hoping to actually bring the life back to this blog. 
Let's start it off right with one of the most beautiful ladies I know, my older sister. Kamila just moved back to Arizona and has been staying at my parents' house so we've been spending lazy summer days together. She has a pretty great style so I thought she would be perfect for an outfit post. I hopped (hobbled over slowly) in at the end just for fun (please excuse how puffy I look as this was two days after my surgery). 
I have missed you all so much and can't wait to get back into the swing of things! 


  1. Hope you heal fast from your surgery!
    Love both of your ladies outfits.

  2. what the cuties!
    and i think you look great!



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