shirt: Target, shorts and vest: thrifted, shoes: Mix No. 6, watch and necklace: Fossil

"It’s risky to be out there, and to know that though people might like you, they also might ignore you, hate you, or reject you. That if you are honest about who you are, people might look into your true self and spit at it — which hurts so much more than when they spit at your mask."

Everyone has a story. Some choose to bury it deep, only to be told to those brave enough to search for it, while others choose to share it on a grand scale. I have always been the person that over shares. Maybe not in the sense you think but in the sense that I will probably tell you a lot of my story within our first few meetings. Some may think this is a flaw, as did I until recently. The problem with sharing your story is that it leaves you completely and totally vulnerable. Open. It's as if every time you share your story and that trust is later betrayed, you lose a little bit of yourself. A little bit of your story that has gone and will never return. There were many times when I've thought that I should just put a wall and let only those courageous enough to fight for entry in. But the thing is, as much as it may hurt to let people hurt you when you're most vulnerable, the alternative seems much worse. Never letting anyone know your true self. So maybe it's something to embrace, the risk of vulnerability. It says "No matter how much hurt and pain I've seen from opening myself up to vulnerability in this world, I will not let it make me bitter." 


  1. Cute outfit, love that some pieces are thrifted!

  2. i can definitely relate! i'm a tell all kind of gal. I'd rather have it all out on the table.

  3. I wonder if that's partly a blogger thing - I'm a big over-sharer too! Not about all things, but there are some things that I'm happy to discuss. Forging connections with people is the only way to also let in those who ARE worth it, so... I guess it's worth that risk of letting in someone shitty for a while!


  4. I looove your outfit!!! Those coral shorts are adorable and such a cute pop of color!!! Also that jean jacket is cute too!! Your hair has gotten soo loongg!!


  5. Great smile in the last picture! :)

    Love it!
    xo Becky
    Seductive Mania

  6. I really, really love this. You rock.


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