I enjoy trying different products so I thought I'd start posting some of the products I've used up and what I thought of them so maybe I can help you guys out if you're thinking of purchasing any of them! 
L'Oreal Go Clean 360 Cleanser:
I've had this for probably a year. Not particularly special and probably not something I would repurchase but pretty good for just washing your face.

Simply Olay Body Wash in Coconut:
I love love love anything coconut scented so this was fantastic as far as the scent went but I do prefer the feeling Dove Body Washes compared to this product.

Mane 'n Tail Shampoo:
Love this stuff. My hair is so thick that it might as well be a horse mane so this gets it really clean and I think it has helped my hair grow quicker. Already repurchased this.

Jergen's Natural Glow: 
Another product I love. I used this all summer to help just enhance my tan and I repurchased a similar knock-off that I'm still using. I feel like it gives you that tan glow without making you look straight up orange. 

Prime Time Primer by Bare Escentuals:
This was given to me and I think it works pretty well in keeping my makeup on longer throughout the day. Nothing incredible and I probably won't repurchase it because it seems a little unnecessary to me but it does the job if you have a big issue with your make up staying on throughout the day.


  1. I used to use Natural Glow all the time, but the smell is totally something to get used to. I'm almost positive the smell is why I quit it. Now I've turned into a paranoid freak and don't use anything I can't make myself, but, hah, that's another story.

  2. I am a huge fan of self tanners - I'm always so pale! I like this Jergen's tanner as well!


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