If I have one regret it’s not enjoying things fully while they’re happening. I think we’re all guilty of it. We live our lives in a blur and hardly stop to soak in the moment as it happens. I’ve been so blessed with so many beautiful moments and beautiful people and although I’ve been working on living in the now, I need to work harder on it. So, I’m writing it down. I will focus on the here and now and fully enjoy all those little moments that make up my life.
Joy comes from the everyday beauty. 


  1. This is so true. I have had to be intentional about this because I am always thinking in the future. Stopping and smelling the roses is not something I do naturally, and forcing myself to do it has literally changed my life.
    Britt @ One&20

  2. your dress is cute!

  3. I seriously am so obsessed with your blog, girl! Your dress is SO cute! You always post some of the greatest stuff! I'm posting on Fashion Week right now since it's going on in my city (STL), so feel free to follow me back to keep posted with that now too! Otherwise, keep blogging great stuff!

  4. word!

    love your blog.



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