That girl

dress: Gap, tights: ModCloth, vest: thrifted, boots: Target, belt: F21

I'm that girl that...

calls her mom at least once a day but usually twice
cries in the middle of crowded coffee shops on occasion
wears crazy tights on the regular
pulls out her tights and boots as soon as it's below 90
solves most issues with chocolate
still sleeps with some sort of stuffed animal
works herself into unnecessary panics
turns everything into a list


  1. Solving most issues with chocolate.... you mean, that's not the way it's supposed to be done? ;)
    Love your tights!


  2. I love this little post.
    I always turn things into lists.
    -Victoria Horea

  3. Can't get over those tights! I've been looking for more colors and styles this season. Also, I definitely called my mom once a day or multiple times during college. And huge confession...I still sleep with my old raggedy blanket. I believe in lists completely, helps me stay organized :)


  4. girl we are the same.
    i talk to my mom all the time still, whoops
    and tights they're my thing.
    hope things look up.



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