What is going on?

(Just had to include this last ridiculous picture)
shirt: borrowed from sister, skirt: thrifted, belt: F21, shoes: Old Navy, purse and watch: Fossil

I may look put together but I actually spent all morning covered in powdered sugar, flour, and frosting. Typical day of a baker, really. 
Let's talk about a few things. In bullet point format of course because if not, I will sound like a person with major ADD.
  • I graduate from college in 89 days and it is totally freaking me out in a good way.
  • I am officially taking steps towards applying for medical school (fall 2015) and this is freaking me out even more.
  • Christmas is in 97 days... what?! Time, where are you going?!
  • I've been thinking about starting a YouTube channel but let's be real, I just don't know that I'm that interesting.
  • I have to move again in 3-4 months which is ridiculous.
  • It's still unbelievably hot in Arizona and I just want to wear sweaters and scarves. 
That's all.
How is your life these days?


  1. Loving that bag! Fossil is genius when it comes to bags, and everything else too. I can't believe Christmas is so close already, time is FLYING by!


  2. Wow, lots going on! Love the shoes. :)

  3. I love that grin in your fourth photo. Now that's happiness in a picture. And I hear ya about heat. It's been 105+ every day here in Texas. Recently we got a bit of rain which, though short lived, was nice.

  4. you're cute and tan and im jealous.
    christmas is that soon! that means like 94 days til my birthday or something!
    ahhhhh. i love christmas. haha.
    anyways, graduation hmm i need a job and we moved thats whats up with my life.



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