Awkward and Awesome

sweater: Target, vest: thrifted, belt: ?, pants: thrifted, shoes: JcPenney

It's been a while since I did an awkward and awesome Thursday!

  • Noticing someone I know but am not a big fan of driving behind me only to have them speed up to get in the lane by me and try to get my attention. All the while I'm just trying to avoid turning my head at the stop light. 
  • The amount of patients that have asked me "So are you in college now?" when I'm shadowing at the office with my mom. "Why yes, I am in college now. I have been since for 3 years and I graduate in 62 days..."
  • When you start to talk about YouTubers you watch daily as if they were your real life friends (aka The Shaytards)
  • Instagram meet ups. This past week I got to meet the beautiful Laura. We accidentally matched, laughed, and shared a banana nutella crepe. Internet friends usually end up being the best friends for me.
  • Having my best friend take my senior pictures this weekend!
  • Going to an Oktoberfest with the mister
  • Costco trips with my wonderful mom
  • Celebrating my parents being married for 25 whole years
What's been awesome and awkward for you this week?


  1. Awesome for me: getting emails from my friend telling me how she's growing in her walk with Jesus. Best thing EVERRR! Awkward: presenting in chapel today and sorta banging the microphone onto the stand. Embarrassing!!! Haha. Love manda

  2. i love the sweater you are wearing here! what is that shape, a triangle?! i just love the tones of red/pink on it!

    also, i have always wanted to go to an instagram meet up in my town, i had the feeling it would always be awkward though! i' glad you put yours in the awesome list!

    lindsey louise

  3. i like your sweater!

    btw, i love the shaytards too! :)

  4. I totally call bloggers I follow by name. I just feel like I know them even if I don't... I'm glad you do the same ;)


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