Why do I blog?

dress: Gap, scarf: handmade by a friend, belt: F21, boots: JcPenney, tights: Kohls

Today, I found myself thinking about uploading these outfit pictures and suddenly I found myself asking why I post things on this blog and what I even hope to accomplish through this blog. For a moment, I had not the slightest idea. I think often times blogging can get to that point. Where you feel like you should make a post but you're not quite sure why you're doing it anymore. 
I've been a blogger for years now. Four to be exact. But only about two years ago did I start blogging on a platform that wasn't Tumblr. Tumblr for me is sort of my online journal that I keep hidden from most but this blog is different for me. Sometimes, I'm not quite sure how but I do know that I want this to be a place I can express my creativity in and a place where I can hopefully put a smile on someone's face every once in a while when they read my words or look at my pictures. I want to help others see the beauty that is our everyday lives.
I know I may not always do such a great job at that but I am trying so I hope you hang in here with me because it means so much to me to read your comments and follow along on your blogs and know that there are such beautiful people out there in this world. 
Hope your Monday is a great one.


  1. You and your cute dresses. But I completely get the whole posting dilemma. At least know that your posts make me smile! :)

  2. You are doing great job!! I have been following your blog for awhile and you look such a nice and good person! I also blog for expressing myself and my creativity, at least I have fun :)
    Good luck!!!

  3. i love your blog! it always inspires me, and i like seeing cute photos of you haha.



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