Crying Over Computers

shirt: F21, pants: American Eagle, boots: Maurices

Sometimes, your laptop decides to Spring clean itself months later and you end up having to erase your entire hard drive. That time was last night and I definitely cried while laughing at my bad luck. Needless to say, losing all of your information on your laptop when you are a completely online student is not the greatest thing to happen. 
But it could be worse. 
On the bright side, I am really happy these days even in between the stress and craziness that is finishing up college. I am now 27 days from finishing my last semester of my undergraduate career, 40 days from graduating with my bachelor's degree, getting ready to move again soon, planning a graduation/Christmas party, and getting ready to celebrate my parent's vow renewal next weekend. I'm also on the journey to pursuing applying to medical school. Clearly this is a really crazy time in life but even in this chaos I am finding that there is so much beauty in it. There is so much to be learned, so much room for growth, and so many new opportunities waiting to be discovered. 
I hope life is treating you well!
Do you have any exciting plans in the coming months?


  1. you are adorable! darn computers!!!!! i hope everything turned out okay. and happy monday!

  2. New reader! One of my biggest fears is my computer crashing. That sucks! Exciting plans for the coming months-my first solo trip to Montreal. I think thats pretty exciting.


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