And then I guess I graduated

It’s somehow been a week and a day since I graduated. I didn’t talk much about the actual graduation mostly because it was such a surreal experience that I don’t know what words would accurately describe it. The anxious/excited/happy/nervous feeling didn’t hit me until I was the next one to be called to walk across the stage. And boy, did it hit me. Had I not been on a huge screen in front of an entire stadium full of people as my name was called and listed across the screen, I most certainly would have started crying. It’s just strange, you know? You spend so long waiting for this moment and putting so much work into getting there and it is over before you can even take it in. At the end, while the graduates started exiting, they played “Best Day Of My Life” by American Authors followed by “On Top Of The World” by Imagine Dragons (which happen to be probably by top two favorite songs this year) and it was just one of those moments in life where you would give anything to just have a pause button. Just to take it all in. To revel in that moment of pure happiness and overwhelming feeling of accomplishment before facing the real world that awaits outside. 
A strange experience that I would not trade for the world because education is so unbelievably important to me and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to get an education.
I, Amanda Celeste, graduated with a bachelor’s degree five months before turning 21 with summa cum laude honors and in just three years. And I am dang proud of that.

But my educational journey is far from done and for that, I am also grateful. I was accepted into a post bac premed program at American University in Washington DC, my dream city. Unfortunately, the tuition is far too expensive but I will still be starting my journey to completing my premed pre requisites at a local college. It is going to be a difficult journey but I am more than excited to take on this new challenge. 


  1. Way to go, girl!! You are amazing.

    1. Thanks, girl! YOU are amazing as well! Congratulations <3

  2. congrats girl! way to go! so excited for you to continue your education, you will do amazing!

  3. Congratulations Amanda! How crazy exciting, and good for you! Not many can say they finished their undergrads before 21 that's for sure. Wishing you the best this new year, happy 2014!


  4. It's been a long time since you posted on your blog, but I like other readers are waiting for you to come back :))
    I also tagged you in Liebster award. It would be really nice to see your answers :)

    Good luck!!!


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