It's been a while...

shirt: thrifted, jacket: thrifted, necklace: modcloth, pants: kohls, watch: fossil, boots: forever 21

Well, I am still alive! 
The past three months have been both uneventful and incredibly eventful. If that makes any sense.
I've mostly been trying to enjoy this life to the fullest and blogging just didn't seem like something I felt I wanted to do anymore. Today for whatever reason, I felt the urge to take pictures of my outfit and get back on here and share. I can't promise I'll be back regularly because if there is one thing I have learned, it's that things can change so quickly and rarely do things go as planned. But I'm here now and that's what's important! 
I'll leave you with a story. 
My guy friend and I have taken up bringing a Scrabble board to a local coffee shop and playing scrabble out on their patio. This also happens to be a coffee shop that I go to with my boyfriend at least once a week. The other day, I went alone to get a coffee when the guy at the register says "No game today? I always love when you two come in here! I never see people do that. It's so adorable!" Of course I laughed and then slowly realized that he assumed we were a couple. I tried to correct him right as we were interrupted. So alas, I guess his romantic Scrabble playing dream lives on.


  1. Hello Dear, great post and pictures, I really like your side! :) ♥


  2. Teach me to do my hair like this! My hair is so think it does nothing! I take pre-natals and biotin everyday!

    p.s. love the outfit!


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