Life Lately

Life lately...
What can I say? Grad school has taken over most of my life. They're not kidding when they say it kind of consumes you. I wouldn't say it's the workload that gets you (although that part isn't fun or easy either) but mostly that you are always thinking about school things. But the bright side is that I am almost half way to getting my MS in Science of Health Care Delivery. So fancy. 
Other than that, I've been making a lot of cakes (3 weddings from July to September), taking up running, knitting, spending as much time as I can with my beloved mom, and helping my best friend/future sister-in-law/roommate plan her wedding to my brother! (You can watch the engagement video I made here!)
Some other random thoughts:
  • Coconut lattes are now my thing ever since I tried one from the coffee shop near my apartment. So dang delicious. I recommend you try one ASAP.
  • Speaking of delicious things, go get yourself some Trader Joe's Cookie Butter Cups. Mmmmm....
  • I haven't started Christmas present shopping/browsing and I feel like I'm behind because I usually half everything picked out so early every year.
  • Wouldn't it be the best to be a cat? I'm currently watching our two cats sleep mid day and I just keep thinking how nice it must be to just lay around, sleep, and be fed all day. 
  • Sometimes I forget how young I am and realize that I really need to slow it down and enjoy my twenties more. Which is probably a bad thing to think about mid masters degree at 21 but you know.... For future reference, Amanda.
Now, how the heck are all of you?!