Post Thanksgiving

scarf: kohls, shirt&jacket: forever 21, jeans: american eagle, boots: maurices

Yesterday, it was a whole 78 degrees here in Northern Arizona. An almost 80 degree Thanksgiving... For some, this sounds like paradise but my Maryland born self is aching for some cold weather. I've been listening to Christmas music for weeks just begging mother nature to give us a little wintery weather. 
On the bright side, I am just on the tail end of my first semester of graduate school and I honestly can't believe it. Graduate school has not been easy for me and the first six weeks or so were a disaster of me crying on the daily and living for the weekends. I thought far too many times about quitting and moving back home to spend all day baking. But, here I am. Almost half way done and I truly can't believe it. I know second semester will be a whirlwind of crazy change and lots of work but I'm so proud of myself for making it this far. Now, the best is yet to come as 2015 rolls in.


  1. Congrats on making it through the semester, you did it and you can do the rest !! Woo!
    Hey I'm in the negatives here in Canada (Celsius though, not sure how that translates to Fahrenheit exactly) so let's trade? Haha

    1. Thank you!
      And yes! I will trade you! I think single digit negatives Celsius is about 20 Fahrenheit! We get that in the mornings here so I'll take that all day! ;)


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