Bridal Shower Gifts

As I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, my brother is getting married to one of my best friends this summer and being that I'm her maid of honor, I've been planning her bridal shower. Their wedding isn't until July but with her also being a graduate student and my parents selling their home soon (a story for another day), our options for the date of the party were limited so we are having it in March during Spring Break.
Now, I'm a broke graduate student so my budget is not a large one. So, I'm planning on making most of the decorations and really just focusing on adding those cute details without spending a fortune. 
I'd thought I'd share with you guys the planning process in case you are planning a bridal shower as well! 
This first post is (as the title says) about bridal shower gifts. So this is perfect even if you're the one attending the shower! 

This print if the bride is a Friends lover

This personalized hanger for her to hang her dress on on the big day

Love this for putting her ring on at night or while washing dishes

This dainty bracelet is one of my favorites

Another perfect gift for her big day that will look great in pictures

For the wine lover (also can be used on the big day!)

Let me know if you all have any more posts you'd like to see regarding the bridal shower!