The Best Plot Twist

(photo credit to Danielle Apple Photography)

This man. It has been six months and I still find myself wondering how this could be real. How did I get to the point where I'm crazy in love with one of the most attractive and amazing men I've ever met who was once my best friend? And better yet, how does he love me just the same?
You see, Ricky and I were friends for years before we began dating. About once every two weeks, we'd get together and go to the same coffee shop and talk for hours. Sometimes we would bring a Scrabble board and I'd kick his butt at the game. Other times we'd merely laugh far too loudly and I'd give him containers of my latest baked goods creation to devour. When we weren't having coffee together, we were snap chatting or texting almost daily. He was easily one of my best friends and I loved our friendship. After I ended my past relationship, this us thing just kind of happened and I've never looked back. 
He is exactly what I had always wanted in a partner. Whether we're sitting in bed fighting over a jar of cookie butter or driving 13 hours back home from a wedding out of state, he makes life at least 20 times more fun. He is patient and encouraging exactly when I need him. He is my opposite in several ways and pushes me out of my comfort zone in the most gentle way. 
If you would have told me just 8 months ago that I would be with Ricky, I never would have believed you. I always used to joke with Ricky while we were friends that I wanted to set him up with a good girl but when I would rake my mind for ideas, I would always end up having to tell him that I couldn't think of anyone good enough to deserve him. Now here I am and it just blows my mind. Now, I just hope every day that I can be all that he deserves. 

"My entire life can be summed up in one sentence: things didn't go according to plan." 
And boy am I glad that things didn't go according to my plan. This life with this man is such a gift from God.


  1. You are positively glowing lady! So much love for you both!


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