7 Easy and Creative Ways to Save Money!

As someone in their twenties who has gone through the "broke college student" life twice now (with undergrad and grad school), I've learned how to make money stretch. I've had many times of living with very strict budgets and needing to make the most of every dollar. So today I wanted to share with you some of my super simple things I do/did to save some money!

1) Use coupons in any way you can!
Using coupons now a days is not just about sitting with a newspaper and clipping coupons to organize in a folder. Now, there are so many apps and other services you can use. Two of my favorites are: Cartwheel for Target that always has tons of great deals on a variety of things and Honey which is a super simple widget you can add to your browser that will go through coupon codes for you when you go to purchase anything online.

2) Get rid of your cable
I know this can be hard for some people but this is something that can save you a TON of money each month and let's be honest, most shows you can watch online.

3) Sign up for a "save the change" program through your bank
These programs allow you to automatically round up purchases on your card to the nearest dollar and puts the change in your savings. This can add up REALLY quick.

4) Clean out your closet and sell clothes you're not wearing anymore
You can easily sell your clothes online through Poshmark or Vinted. Or hit up your local consignment store!

5) Use a budgeting app to look at your expenses
Nothing makes you want to dial down on unnecessary spending like seeing your expenses broken down and charted! I recommend Mint.

6) Use membership or punch cards
For everything from the grocery store to your favorite coffee shop. Chances are if you make a certain amount of purchases, you get an amount off gas or a free coffee.

7) Use an envelope cash system
This really helps if you're more of a visual person. It is much easier to save money when you can actually SEE the money you are spending.

Let me know what your money saving tips are in the comments!