First World Problems

Top (similar): 3/4 Peplum Top
Jeans: Aeropostale Women's Seriously Stretchy Dark Wash High-Waisted Jegging
Boots (similar): Soda Women's Bio-S Riding Boot

If you know me, you know I'm what some would call a bit... a lot OCD. Well, this weekend, we traded in our queen mattress for a king that was so graciously handed down to us by my parents. The thing is, it took me approximately 6+ months to find a bedspread I liked for said queen bed. Now, as you can imagine, we are back to square one. There is also a bed frame we ordered that has yet to arrive. So now, we have a mattress on the floor with a bedspread that matches nothing in our room. You can only imagine how much this is driving my work from home-self crazy. 
Oh the joys of first world problems!
(Also, you should definitely leave some inexpensive bedspread ideas in the comments. Please and thank you!)