24 Before 25

If you've been around here for a while, you would know that every year I make a list of things to do before my next birthday. For example, 21 Before 22 and 20 Before 21. Some years I am successful, other years not so much! Since I just turned 24 a little over a week ago, I thought it was time to officially post the 24 before 25 list. 
Here goes: 

1) Apply and get into a Master of Occupation Therapy program
2) Buy and keep a plant alive
3) Make macaroons
4) Continue to Blog and Vlog regularly
5) Grow my blog/vlog audience
6) Finally make an appointment to go to the doctors
7) Go to a farmers market/craft show
8) Get in the best shape of my life thus far
9) Make some friends of my own
10) Try a gyro
11) Go to a barre class
12) Go to Dave and Busters
13) Do more random acts of kindness
14) Stay more in contact with family 
15) Make homemade pasta for Ricky
16) Take a vacation with Ricky
17) Take at least a picture a days 
18) Get my curls back to normal and healthy
19) Eat less sugar 
20) Make my first homemade cocktails 
21) Get my hair done by my dream hairstylist
22) Keep on top of my skin care
23) Cook some new dishes
24) Make more money

This year is all about keeping it simple and getting better at things I'm already doing.
Let's do this!