Adulting and Birthdays

Top: Old Navy
Cardigan: Target
Jeans: Kohl's
Shoes: Walmart
Watch: Fossil

This past week, I turned the big... 2-4. Okay, so maybe it isn't that big but it sure felt like it. There's something about going from 23 to 24 that made me feel like I'm a "real" adult now (don't ask me what the difference between a "fake" and "real" adult are because I have no idea). Somehow, I feel old yet like a 16 year old all at the same time. Does anyone else feel that way? It's like you have no idea what you're doing and who trusted you to do these adult things but at the same time feeling like you've been doing this whole paying bills and going to Costco on Saturdays thing for way too long. 
It's a strange thing this 24...