Engaged?! Now what?!

engagement ring
(Photography by Shea Brie Photography)

I am without a single doubt the girl who has been planning her wedding since at least the age of 15. At the age of probably 18, I even went so far as to categorize my one Pinterest wedding board into several. Needless to say, I was STOKED to get engaged and actually plan my wedding to the love of my life.
Due to our short timeline, I had to jump in running. So I know planning an entire wedding from the bottom up can incredibly intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you don't know where to start. I wanted to share with you all my top tips for starting to wedding plan in hopes that it will make your planning just a bit smoother!

  1. RESEARCH VENUES, RESEARCH VENUES, RESEARCH VENUES!: In order to do pretty much anything wedding planning wise, you need a venue. Your venue will dictate your date, what you need for your space, how many people you can invite, etc. So as soon as you get engaged, start making calls and sending emails to venues.
  2. MAKE A WEDDING DRESS APPOINTMENT: Even if you are not like me and have more than 6 months to plan, going wedding dress shopping early is a great idea. Not only is it incredibly fun to feel like a bride, it will help you get a feel of what you want your day to be like.
  3. GET ORGANIZED: Whether you want to use an app like "The Knot" or the more classic binder option, find a way to keep organized so you can feel a little less overwhelmed.
  4. DECIDE ON A BUDGET: This one is pretty self explanatory but much like a venue, not much can be planned if you do not have a budget.
  5. GET ON THE SAME PAGE WITH YOUR FUTURE SPOUSE: Weddings will inevitably create some sort of disagreement at some point. It's usually unavoidable. Before this happens, make sure you and your fiance are on the same page about expectations. This will make all the difference!
  6. Most importantly, ENJOY BEING ENGAGED! I feel like this is one thing everyone forgets to mention. We get caught up in the planning and chaos that we forget to enjoy the moment. You are engaged! Let it soak in and enjoy it!
Congratulations! This is an amazing time! We've got this!