About Me

Hello, there. My name is Amanda. Amanda Celeste to be exact.
I am 24 years old, an early interventionist, a baker, and as indecisive as they get. I graduated with a BS in family and human development from Arizona State at the age of 20 and my MS in science of healthcare delivery at 22.  I’m one of those crazy people that can’t get enough of school and hope to go back and get a second masters within a few years.
I’m Puerto Rican (and obviously have the JLO booty that comes along with that) but I’ve lived in the deserts of Arizona for most of my life. I spend my days working with kiddos, asking my husband for 1,000 kisses a day, baking, and updating blogs.
Welcome to my life!

Feel free to email me about anything at amanda.alberti.correa@gmail.com!

(I also blog about my other passion, baking, over here!)